My Daugter is 2 Years Old and Has a Dog Bite on Face Which Are Best Dissolvable or Non Dissolvable Stiches?

my daughter has been bitten on the cheek by a dog my surgeon has decided to use non dissolvable stiches. I was innitially told that because she was only two years old they would place dissolvable stiches in. Is there advantages/ dissadvantages to using either type of stiches and do you know why they would rather use non dissolvable stiches. Surely it is going to be very difficult for the nurse to now remove the sutures.

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Absorbable or permanent sutures

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Sorry to hear about her dog bite.  The choice of which type of suture to use depends on several things.  Dissolving sutures are great in most cases, but they do cause more inflammation to develop, thus leading to a higher chance of scarring.  When you are trying to create a very thin scar on the face, non-absorbable sutures are usually the best choice as the body has a much smaller inflammatory reaction to them and the scarring is less.  They are also more durable and a little safer in a child who may not leave them alone. I hope the dog is out of the picture now. 

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