My Daughter 4 Years Old Has 4 Stiches on Her Face About Day and Half Old? (photo)

What steps can I take to insure it doesn't scar her for life. As a mom, I want to make sure there is nothing that effects my little girl and this accident being on her face right below her eye is not permanent.

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Scar treatment on children after trauma near the eye

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Given your daughters skin tone, I would advise you to begin neosporin ointment on the scar now and then, once epithelialized, begin treatment with a skin lightener such as Melaquin PM twice daily.  The scar can finally be resurfaced when matured with laser.

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My Daughter 4 Years Old Has 4 Stiches on Her Face About Day and Half Old?

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Good follow up visits, wound care instructions. And after healing for 3 weeks start scar prevention measures. 

Limiting scar formation

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Sorry to see this injury.  There are several things that will help limit scarring. I would recommend applying vaseline or antibiotic ointment for the next few days.  The sutures should be removed at approximately 5 days, and not left in place too much longer than this.  It will be important to keep the healing wound out of the sun, and use sunscreen regularly once the skin has healed. All scars will improve over approximately 12 months.  I hope this helps.  

Adam Terella, MD
Aurora Facial Plastic Surgeon

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