Is my daughter a good candidate for lap band surgery?

Daughter has dieted before but never lost weight despite following diets to a fault, why?? because she will NOT exercise! She's totally sedentary! I wonder if, even with a lap band she'll have any success if she doesnt increase her physical activity! She's definitely eating more now than ever & she's gaining weight at a fairly rapid pace. 6 mos ago she was approx 160, now she appears to be near 180! She's only 5'3" Also, I dont know how to approach her with this idea without breaking her heart.

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Not in all places can be a candidate

to be a candidate for surgery need to have a BMI of over 40 or 35 related to obesity or between 30 to 35 but with a very uncontrolled disease like diabetes. Basically we need to know your weight and height to calculate it.
Some bariatric surgery centers and some countries approve surgery for patients with 32 or more indicice as his daughter, as they are clear about the benefits of bariatric surgery for the patient.

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Weight Loss Surgery

Hello MamaGun,
Lap-Band and all other weight loss surgeries are very effective against excess weight, when used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise.  In order for her to achieve the best results she must be willing to make lifestyle changes along with the band.
When using the above estimated height and weight, we can see her current Body Mass Index (BMI) is 32.  Some bariatric surgeons may offer a LAP-BAND to someone with a BMI of 30 or more, however this usually has to be appealed with her insurance company who could deny it.
I would recommend her looking into a Medical Weight Management Program.  Programs such as the one we now have at Mather Hospital are an effective way to lose weight by implementing lifestyle changes.  Our program is backed by our team of physicians, nutritionists and dietitians, who monitor your progress over a 12-week period.  You should look for something similar in your area.
Thank you and have a wonderful New Year,
Dr. Arif Ahmad

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