My Daughter Need an Expander to Fix an Underbite when She Turns 6. Is This Our Only Option? (photo)

She has an underbite and our dentist says she will need an exspander around 6 years of age. I am really nervous about getting it done. I do not want to see her in pain.

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Early expansion is very important

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In the photos, it looks like your child also has a jaw shift to one side.  If that is the case, along with an underbite, an expander is really important to do around 6 years old. Without it this can turn into a much more difficult situation, even including jaw surgery.  This can become a complex case and should be followed by an orthodontic specialist all the way through the growing years.  An expander is just the beginning.

I wouldn't worry too much about it causing pain.  The jaw is much easier to mold on the these young kids and they adapt very easily to the expander.

Atlanta Orthodontist

Expander for underbite correction

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I agree with your dentist about the expander.  Once the first set of adult molars erupts (also called 6-year molars), she should have the expander made for the upper jaw.  It is not painful but does take getting used to.  Kids adjust to them very quickly.  You may be saving costly future braces by doing this early.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

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