My Daughter is 300lbs 14 Years Old Tryed All Diets Should She Get a Surgery?

My daughter is really big 5'7' and really over weight 320 we tryed every diet. She is 14 years old stopped going to school because of teasing by peers due to weight. Doesn't like going out or talking to other kids due to shyness because of her weight.I feel like life is slipping by for her what should I do?Do you think surgery is the best option?

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Start cooking

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Yes weight loss surgery may very well be an answer, however, the first step is to change eating habits. We find that by learning to cook, cooking at home, and eating meals at home instead of out that patients do much better than if they eat at shopping malls, or fast food places. 
When young adults change their lifestyle they do much better than if they just get surgery as an option.

Scottsdale Bariatric Surgeon
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Bariatric surgery may be the option

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Bariatric surgery may be an option for you. In adolescents in primary and greater emphasis the need for psychological support specialists and mainly by the family. In the weight this the girl that surgery is likely to result in a change of attitude to life and society towards it.
They try to make her daughter understand that weight is not what identifies a person, values, feelings, attitudes and skills are the qualities that matter and definer every human being.

Pablo Garcia, MD
Dominican Republic Bariatric Surgeon
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Bariatric surgery for adolescents

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If all other options have failed, bariatric surgery is a reasonable option.  There are a number of programs that specialize in weight loss surgery for children.  Have your daughter evaluated at one of them.

Mark Pleatman, MD
Bloomfield Hills Bariatric Surgeon
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