My Daughter is Almost 15y. Old. Would You Recommend a Hair Treatment in Her Case?

My daughter is 15 y. old and has darker facial hair, mostly on the upper lip and under jaw line, on the neck. In a society that views with horror all kind of hair but the one on the scalp, she feels uncomfortable around her peers. She has been menstruating for 2 years, on an irregular basis. My question has 2 parts: is it worth the pain, time and money to have her undergo a laser treatment knowing her growth hormones haven t stabilized yet, or are you sure there will be hair regrowth?
Would you recommend a laser treatment for the under jaw line or any other treatment and which one, if yes?

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My Daughter is Almost 15y. Old. Would You Recommend a Hair Treatment in Her Case?

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Your daughter can successfully benefit from laser hair removal. I suggest seeking a a laser tech with much experience treating different skin types to prevent any complications.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Laser hair removal for teens.

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  • Laser hair removal works great for young teenagers but would need to provide parents consent. The regimen would be the same no sun tanning, no waxing/tweezing, only shaving and applying spf daily. I recommend purchasing a packing of 6-8 treatments and having them 4-6 weeks apart to achieve maximum result.
  • Thank you and best of luck for your daughter

Laser Hair Removal for 15 yr old

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We have successfully treated many teenagers, with their parents consent.  The facial hair is surely a worry to your daughter and laser hair removal treatments will certainly help minimize her problem while her hormones stabilize. Be sure to check around for pricing, as treatment prices vary dramatically.  Typically companies that only do laser hair removal and heavily advertise are many times more expensive than medical clinics offering other dermatologic services.  Also, 4-6 treatments are enough to remove dark hair, so companies who charge you for 10-12 or unlimited treatments are just trying to justify their high fees. Lakeland, FL



Timothy Knight, MD
Lakeland Dermatologic Surgeon

Safety of laser hair removal in teenagers - Los Angeles

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We have safely performed laser hair removal treatments on teenagers (with their parents consent) and have found good longterm outcome and high safety. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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