My Daughter, 14 is Suffering from Thining Hair, It Has Been Diagnosed As Genetic, Regaine Has Been Recommended?

Is regaine safe on a 14 year old, I have heard it can age you. What's the alternative? She has had all other tests done eg thyroid etc.

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Regaine in under 18

Regaine (called Rogaine in North America) is formally FDA approved for women 18 years of age and over. There are dozens of reasons for a 14 year old to lose hair and Regaine works primarily in the treatment of genetic hair loss.  However, Regaine can be helpful in other hair loss conditions as well. Many hair specialists around the world, including myself, have used this topical medication in much, much younger children too.  It is important to understand this is an "off label" use - meaning the drug was not formally approved for this younger age group. 

Regaine does not age you. 

If the diagnosis of genetic hair loss is correct, Regaine could help your daughter.  Keep in mind, however, that hair loss from other causes such as low iron levels would be much more common in a 14 year old than genetic hair loss. Low iron would typically give hair shedding rather than slow and steady that is seen with genetic hair loss. All in all, blood work for iron levels could be helpful if they have not been done.  But if the cause for hair loss truly is genetic hair loss, blood tests for a hormonal evaluation could also be helpful in a 14 year old.  Medications that address hormonal issues would be an alternative, but only if the hormonal tests were abnormal in some way.  

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