Will my D Cup Looking Implants End Up Where the Doctor Suggested They Would (Full B, Small C) with More Time?

Had a BA July 26th. At 5'1" and 110 pounds, I wore a 34A cup bra. After two doctors, I choose the one who suggested a slightly larger implant than I had in mind to avoid a breast lift. I liked the way 286cc style #15 silicone looked, went with 325cc style # 20 silicone to accomplish less scarring and avoid the lift. It looks as if that size will accomplish what the doctor hoped. I was told my final result would be a full B cup to a small C cup. Do you think end results will be a C cup?

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What size will 325cc implants give me?

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Cup sizes are so variable between manufacturers that 34A in one woman's wardrobe and a different 34A bra in another woman's wardrobe gives about a ZERO chance that their breasts are the same size! The same goes for C cup sizes, and to further quantify by saying "small C" or "full B" is totally non-helpful in stating an objective breast size.

In general, I have told my patients for years that it takes 250cc to equal about one cup size. (Realize that a can of soda is 360cc.) Thus, your 325cc implants added less than a full can of pop volume to each of your breasts' starting sizes. Or, by my method of estimation, you added about 1 1/3 cup sizes to whatever you started with.

So I'd say you are just about right on target!

More importantly, once things have settled, softened, and dropped into final position, the question to ask is not what letter is on the label of the bras you buy, but whether or not you like the size of your breasts. THEN, you buy the bras that fit well and look nice, regardless of the letter on the label! (And you might find that a D bra from Victoria's Secret fits your breasts best, even though another bra manufacturer's C bra fits equally well. SO which bra manufacturer is "correct?")

Relax and heal well; follow your surgeon's advice and understand that it takes a while (months) to get to your final result. I think you'll be just fine! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Will my 325 cc implant look like a C cup?

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Hi. It's really hard to predict a cup size based only on an implant size. Cup size are different for one bra company to another.  Your final cup size will also depend on your breast width. On a wider chest a 325 cc implant won't be the same cup size that on a patient with a very narrow chest.  

 Regarding your surgery it is too early to talk about your final result.  It takes around 2 - 3 months before you can see the final result especially if the implant was under your muscle.

Good luck

Christina Bernier, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

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