Can I Get my Crowded Teeth Corrected Without Extraction? (photo)

i am 22 years old and considering getting braces for my crowded teeth so that my smile and face can be more symmetrical. so far i have visited only one ortho who say i need extraction(4 pre-molor removed) yet i do not want to extract my healthy teeth. i plan on visiting other orthos to get a second opinion but i would like to know what you think. i've attached some pics of my teeth. The crowding has caused a stain on my lower teeth.

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Can I Fix Crowded Teeth Without Extractions?

YES! You can have straight teeth without extracting any teeth. The easy way to straighten your teeth is to extract four bicuspids; however, the best way is to develop your upper jaw to make room for all of your teeth. If you extract teeth you will be left with grossly underdeveloped upper and lower jaws which will not only compromise your facial aesthetics and smile but can also cause a myriad of health problems.

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