Is my Crooked Smile Able to Be Fixed?

When I smile my left side does not raise as far as my right side. I have had this since birth. It is growing to be a bigger issue for me as I age. Any advice would be great. Tks

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Can my crooked smile be fixed

Your question is very difficult to answer without seeing, some  close-up photos of your relaxed smile, as well as your very full smile. I would seek out care from a trained cosmetic dentist in your area

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Crooked Smile correction?

It is normal for most people to have a dominant side when they smile and talk.  You can look at others and notice this.  This is when one side of the mouth raises higher then the other.  This can become a major problem if the teeth have issues in positioning too.  Sometimes the smile can be adjusted to make the lip raising/drooping less of an issue.  I would suggest visiting a reputable cosmetic dentist and see if he has ideas.  It is rare to need a surgical correction of the lips, but the dentist can advise you and involve a plastic surgeon if needed.

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Questions about how to fix a crooked smile.

1. Are the teeth canted (at a slant)?

2. Are the gum heights uneven?

3. Are your lips uneven when you smile?

4. Do you have any facial assymetries?


5. Can you take some pictures smiling and with lips at rest of full frontal face, full profile face left/right, closer up of smile with base of nose to the chin?

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Is My Crooked Smile Able to be Fixed

Very difficult question to answer without seeing, at the very least, a few high quality close-up photos of your relaxed smile, as well as your very full happy smile.

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