Is my crooked nose that also causes congestion on blocked side (my left), fixable? (Can it look straight and normal? (photo)

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Crooked Nose

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Hi Matthew.  Straightening a crooked nose is a reasonable rhinoplasty maneuver.  This may be combined with a septoplasty (septo-rhinoplasty) to straighten the septum as well and improve breathing.

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Most Crooked Noses Are Fixable. A blockage may be corrected by nasal septoplasty.

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Dear Matthew1974:Crooked noses usually come after an injury.The part of the nose most typically injured is the septum, which is in the lower half of your nose. Made of cartilage, the septum is subject to bending and causing the crookedness.That usually occurs with a break or internal fracture.The other consequence besides the crookedness of the exterior is internal nasal blockage, because the septum is a partition. If the septum is deflected or moved to either side, it will cause some constriction of air flow through the nose.You need a very thorough examination.The examination should be conducted with and without an anesthetic and shrinking spray.The latter will give the doctor a chance to evaluate the entire internal structure without any pain or discomfort because he also needs to touch it gently with a Q-tip to determine the flexibility of the tissues.So, your basic correction may well be correction of a deviated septum or nasal septoplasty.If you need turbinate resections to further improve the airway would have to be determined at the consultation.Turbinates are shelves of bones covered with a thick skin that is specific to the inside of the nose.That type of skin, or covering, will swell quite profoundly under the influence of a virus/cold or allergies and, therefore, further contribute to breathing blockage.Check out my website and other rich websites.Read books.Study as much as you can.Get up to speed on the anatomy.The good thing about these procedures is, often, if this is the only issue, there is no need to break the bones, and therefore, there is little swelling or bruising.Recovery is prompt.Best wishes,

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Septorhinoplasty for Crooked Nose and Blocked Airway

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Your picture shows a nasal deviation that accounts for airway obstruction on the left side as well as the outward aesthetic deformity. Through a septorhinoplasty procedure, both your airway obstruction and an improvement in the outward appearance of your nose could be obtained. A straight nose that breathes better is very possible.

Crooked nose and congestion

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Congestion in the nose is caused by a variety of issues which include turbinate hypertrophy, a deviated septum, valve collapse, and allergies. Each one of these is treated differently with either medications or surgery. A physical examination of the internal portion of the nose will determine what the cause of congestion may be. A rhinoplasty can straighten a crooked nose with a combination of osteotomies and a spreader graft composed of cartilage placed under the concave upper lateral cartilage. For many examples please see the link below

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