What Could I Do About my Crooked Nose? (photo)

i think my nose goes a bit to the side and i would like to fix that.how old do i have to be ? could my nose be straightened with out altering its appearance?

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Crooked Nose and When to Fix

   16 or 18 may be an appropriate age for the surgery, but your nose is not particularly crooked.  Was there some part that you do not like?

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Options for crooked nose

A crooked nose can be due to several different factors, including twisting of the nasal bones or a inward herniation of one upper lateral cartilage.  In this case the presenting problem on the patient’s left side.  It is certainly acceptable to undergo a harvest of cartilage for a unilateral spreader graft on the patient’s left side to straighten out the mid vault concavity.  Patients should be at least 16 years of age prior to undergoing this type of elective cosmetic procedure.  The remainder of the nose will stay exactly the same and will not be altered in appearance.

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Crooked nose treatment

There is a slight angulation of your nose to the right which appears that the left bone is slightly depressed and the right nasal bone is slightly outward appearing to the right. That being said this is very minimal from the photos you submitted and if you want it corrected then it could be done with minimal changes to the overall appearance of your nose. I would seek consultation with a rhinoplasty surgeon. Typically, females should be at least fifteen before undergoing this procedure.

Scott Trimas, MD
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What to do about a crooked nose?

Cindy, your nose does not appear as grossly crooked as many that I end up treating. However, I do see some asymmetry, especially in the middle one third of the bridge. Without examining you in person, it is hard to tell accurately. But, you might benefit from something like spreader grafting that could help create more symmetry as seen from this frontal view. I have provided a link below for further information regarding spreader grafting. 

John M. Hilinski, MD
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What Could I Do About my Crooked Nose?

 Aesthetically speaking, from the photos provided, the nose has what's called a C-shaped.  This means that the nose is deviated or crooked to the right at the nasal bone level indicating a nasal fracture or previous Rhinoplasty.  If you are over 16 years old (if you are under 18 please share this answer with your parents), you could have a Rhinoplasty to straighten the nose.  Rasping the right nasal bone in or fracturing it in combined with reduction of the nasal cartilages would be required.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Solutions for a Crooked Nose

I do not see too much crookedness to your nose. I may see a little bit of asymmetry on the left but everyone has some asymmetry. I think you have a great looking nose, but having had a rhinoplasty myself many years ago I understand that there are personal things that bothers the patient and that we all may not appreciate. Being that said, 16 is around the age where the nasal bones and cartilage should be mature. I would seek the opinion of a board certified plastic surgeon, which is so important, and be as clear and precise as possible about exactly what bothers you. The patient I see who can not point out specific things worries me. I find it more difficult to treat the patient who just says, I don't like the way my nose looks, what would you do? You should be able to point out exactly what bothers you to your surgeon. See as many surgeons as it takes until you are happy and comfortable with the right one.

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What Could I Do About my Crooked Nose?

Seek ONLY IN PERSON evaluations from boarded rhinoplasty docs in your city. You need to be accompanied by a parent if under 21. And yes you can straighten out the nose without changing the external appearance. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Solutions for Crooked Nose

A rhinoplasty can help to straighten a crooked nose or a deviated septum.  Typically we wait until someone has finished growing,  at around age 16, to perform any cosmetic nasal procedures. From your photos, it looks like you have a very slight asymmetry in your nose, which is pretty typical.  I actually think your nose is quite nice, but if there is something about it that is bothering you, you may want to speak with a board certified plastic surgeon for an evaluation.  

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
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Crooked nose

A crooked nose in a young adult can be treated in women at 16 or 17 and men at 17 or 18. It really depends upon if they are still growing or not.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Crooked nose

From your photograph it appears that your nasal base is pushed off to the right side.   This could be due to either a septal deviation or an old injury to your nose.  In any event this can be corrected but requires a thorough evaluation of both the internal and external nasal anatomy.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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