was my coolscupting treatment effective?

When the suction applicator was removed, my stomach did not look the same as on videos I have seen...... there was no frozen buldge that needed to be massage........ my skin was not even that cold or red? Was my treatment effective?

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Coolscultping Procedure and Effectiveness

Coolsculpting is a great procedure and works by reducing 20% of fat in a given area.  The applicator is applied for a complete hour (cycle) and you will be left with a "frozen" area that needs to be massaged. If this was not your experience then I highly doubt you had cool sculpting.  I would consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience in cool sculpting for the best results.

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Was my coolscupting treatment effective?

The CoolSculpting machine is very foolproof and well let the doctor know if there is a problem with the treatment. Many patients experience different symptoms and signs right after the treatment and I don't believe that these are indicators of the success of the treatment.  

Kurtis Martin, MD
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Effective CoolSculpting Treatments

Finding the right candidate is essential in CoolSculpting.  The provider will determine if the problem area is indeed a fat pad or simply skin.  Applicator selection and proper placement on the patient are also important factors in achieving optimal results.  Most patients will need a second treatment in one area.  If cost is a concern, some practices may be able to offer special pricing as a top CoolSculpting provider.  My practice has Instant Rebates for a free CoolSculpting session with each session purchased.  This is helpful for patients who need multiple sessions.
If you are concerned that your treatment was not effective, contact your provider and discuss this issue.  You will have to give your body the full three months to eliminate fat cells from this first treatment before you will know what results you have.  At that point you may want to be reassessed to determine if you should continue with a second treatment.

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Was my coolsculpting treatment effective?

I do see a variation among patients after this procedure in terms of redness, firmness, and cold sensation.  A majority of the time there is a well defined red firm "block" under the skin where the treatment was done, but sometimes this is not seen.  I would wait the time to see the results and speak about this issue with your treating physician at that time.  A second treatment is usually done in the area to enhance the results anyways.  Follow up would we key after this situation.  

Rachel Pritzker, MD
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Was CoolSculpting treatment effective?

Without seeing a picture of what your stomach looked like after your CoolSculpting treatment, it is difficult to know if your treatment was effective or not.  The area should normally feel cold after it is removed but it is possible that it would not turn red.  In most cases, there should be some sort of bulge immediately when the applicator is removed but this can vary.  I would discuss your concerns with the physician who treated you as they should be able to answer your question best since he or she was present at the time of the treatment.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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