I'm Continuing to Have Large Fuild Build Up in One Leg Weeks After Lipo?

He installed a wick, then a drain and now my put her again. Should I be worried?

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Seroma after liposuction

This fluid collection is called a seroma. They are rather uncommon after liposuction, but are a known possible complication.

The usual treatment is aspiration, often a few times. Insertion of a drain, as has been done for you is often the next step for the occasion patient who continues to collect fluid despite aspirations. 

If the seroma still persists, injecting a caustic agent through the drain, such as betadine, tetracycline, or alcohol will usually cause the seroma cavity edges to stick to one another and resolve the problem.

Very rarely, surgery may be needed.

Thanks for your question, sorry for the problem you are having. All the best. 

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Fluid build up after lipo

A fluid collection after liposuction is called a seroma.  Your surgeon is doing the perfect thing which is to drain the area to start with. If this does not resolve the problem, your surgeon can inject a sclerosing agent to help the pocket scar down faster and stop the drainage.

Sacha Obaid, MD
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Fluid Collection in Leg after Liposuction

           Prolonged drainage of this area may be necessary in some patients.  A sclerosing agent can be injected through the drain in some cases.  These things usually resolve without further surgical intervention.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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