Should I be concerned about having silicone free in my body after a leek in silicone implants ?

First implant in 1997 One sided leek (right) and replacement January 2012 Now a muscle-skeletal chronic pain right chest and shoulder + a silicone nodules in armpit 4 cm not symptomatic. 1. During the second surgery, the surgeon didn't take off any contaminated tissue , why? 2. Can silicon spread to the muscles? what test can detect that? 3. Does the silicone eventually reach the liver and stays there? 4. Does removing the implants now can relieve muscular-skeletal symptoms ?

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Breast augmentation

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Unfortunately I have removed many ruptured devices. All breast nodule or Axillary nodes are evaluated for malignancy prior to consideration of other causes. Once that is clear I would evaluate the breast area with MRI normally after a thorough exam and review of your records. 

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