Can my Compression Garment Ewing After my Scar?

At 2 and 3 weeks post TT I wore a colombian compression garment that had a sewing right on top of the lower part of my scar. I replaced it because the seam was frictioning with the scar and I bought a garment that would not have anything that touches my scar. But I noticed that the part that was frictionning is a little bit sunken or depressed I. I am afraid this is going to be permanent. What do you think? I am at my4 week now and wearing anotherr garment. I started to use scarguard today.

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Compression garments, seams, and long term effects.

It would be unusual for the seam of a compression garment to create a permanent scar or permanent indentation. Initially, the swelling in the skin after a tummy tuck can show any crease, indentation, or seam quite visibly. However, as the swelling resides these contour deformities typically go away. Many surgeons will use foam or other uniform padding under the areas of the seams to prevent these from occurring.

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Compression Garment Seams and Scars.

Dear Tania,

Thank you for your post.  Good compression garments are smooth on the inside, the part that touches the skin, and have the seams on the outside.  While it isn't good for a seam to be in constant pressure on a scar, it is hard to know how bad the effect is without a photo.  Sometimes scars can widen a bit with early pressure and an indentation can form.  A simple scar revision can alleviate this.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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Compression Garment Indentation # tummytuck

It is really difficult to give you an accurate answer without seeing what is going on. Most likely you will not have a permanent indentation but since I was not there for your surgery it is hard for me to know. Most likely your scar will normalize over the course of the first year. It can take up to one year for a scar to completely remodel. 

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Compression post tummy

I would think this will even out with time and massage.I would not be overly concerned at this point.

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Garments producing depressions

are unlikely but there is nothing permanent with plastic surgery procedures.  Revisions can always correct any imperfection that you may have.  Regardless, its early in your recovery and  you should wait until you're healed before making your final decision on your outcomes.

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Too Early To Tell

It is too early to tell whether the depression you are describing had anything at tall to do with the garment, is due to swelling, or will resolve with time.  Swelling from a tummy tuck takes at least 3-4 months to fully resolve.  At that time, if there is still a depression I would discuss it further with your surgeon. Best wishes with your recovery.

Robert F. Centeno, MD, FACS
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Compression garment indentation

It's definitely too early to tell but will most likely resolve without any issues. I would wait 3 months before making any judgements. For now follow your surgeons post op directions and notify him/her of any changes.

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