My cloritis was stitched to the skin on my left side, is that normal? Will it be torn during sex? (Photo)

Im one month after labiaplasty and on right side clues of stitches are pulling on some spots and on left side is stitched together and hood is not moving:( doctor said it is nothing, i am afraid that while sex it would all torn apart, can you help me, what can i do? ; (

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Clitoris Stitched Down

Sorry to hear about your problem and your concerns. I would guess that you had a trim labiaplasty where the scar goes right up to (but not past) the clitoral hood. Hence the fact that your clitoris seems stuck down to one side.

I don't like the trim method for this reason: it doesn't transition well to the clitoral hood.

I would recommend a scar release with a Z-plasty or a clitoral hood flap, where labia is actually "added back" by using some of the clitoral tissues. This is more complex, but it would help you. Feel free to PM me with any extra questions you have. I'm happy to discuss this more. Hopefully you're issues are resolving with time and massage... massage can be hugely beneficial in loosening up scar tissue. May sound funny to massage there, but get a small amount of Vaseline on a fingertip and try to literally pull the scar into a longer and longer length.

My cloritis was stitched to the skin on my left side, is that normal? Will it be torn during sex?

It is difficult from the photos you provided to see exactly what you're describing...there are many different parts of surgical procedures in this region so it's hard to know precisely what you're indicating.  It is probably better to speak with your own PS and/or post more photos with more specific descriptions of what was done, and what the concern is now.
I hope that this helps and good luck,
Dr. E

Clitoris stitched to skin

I am sorry but your photos are not adequate to make a determination.  Please submit more photos.

Gary J. Alter, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Photos dont' show anything

concerning so best to go with your surgeon's advice and don't worry about things that should  not happen.  And if you did have work there,  at least your surgeon was aware of this and should help you through it if it does happen.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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