What are my best choices for aligning my teeth? (photo)

I am 53 with healthy teeth and I want to improve my smile. Many of my teeth are crooked, wedged or angled. Is bonding and braces my best options given the condition of my teeth?

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What are my best choices for aligning my teeth?

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With the limited information provided (one photo) I would say it looks like you have a couple of options: 1) conventional braces or 2) Clear aligner therapy. Either of these two methods would work to straighten your teeth.

However, straight teeth should NEVER be your only objective. Whenever you begin to move teeth you need to have a clear understanding of how that will affect your facial aesthetics, your profile, your TMJ and your airway. You should also CLEARLY communicate what your goals and expectations of treatment are before any movement of teeth is started. During the consultation with your dentist, ask specifically how moving your teeth will affect facial aesthetics, facial profile, TMJ and airway. If the doctor says there is no effect...RUN to another doctor who is willing to talk to you intelligently about these very real effects.

Good luck!

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