Is my Chin Implant Pushing on my Mental Nerve? (photo)

3weeks back I had medpor chin Implant placed intraorally, middle of my lower lip is numb and left side feels very sensitive but has no sensitivity to temperature.I get tingling sensation here at times.On pressing against the left side on the implant (as shown in the pic) I feel electric current passing to my left side of lower lip.feels like when I push there, the implant presses the mental nerve and a current passes to my lip. Is the implant is resting against my mental Nerve?thanks in advance

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Chin Implant Against the Nerve?

    If the chin implant is against the mental nerve, the sensations will worsen over the ensuing weeks.  If this is transient secondary to dissection or swelling, the sensations will improve over the next several weeks.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Chin Implant Impinging on Mental Nerve

The placement of a chin implant often exposes the mental nerves which can create the sensations that your currently feel and they are almost always temporary. However, it can also be caused by direct contact of the wing of the implant against the mental nerve as you proposed. As long as you do not have pain and the symptoms improve over the next few weeks, then there is no harmful contact between the implant and the nerve. But if it fails to improve significantly in the next few weeks, an adjustment of the chin implant may need to be considered.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Chin Implant

One of the side effects of placing a chin implant is temporary numbness in the lower lip; however, prolonged numbness and especially sensitivity or sensation to the area when touching the implant should alert you to misplacement of the implant with it resting against the mental nerve. 

I would discuss your condition with your surgeon especially if the symptoms are not improving after one month from surgery. 


Bradford S. Patt, MD
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Is my Chin Implant Pushing on my Mental Nerve?

Best to have IN PERSON evaluations to determine if the implant is indeed compressing the mental nerve. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Chin Implant

It is far too early to say that the implant is in the wrong position.  You will still have some postoperative swelling, which may in turn cause some of the paresthesias that you are experiencing.  I would discuss this with your pastic surgeon.  At this point some anti inflammatories and conservative observation are what I recommend to my patients   If the sensation does not resolve by 8-12 weeks then I might consider some imaging to evaluate the implant position. 

Christopher Khorsandi, MD
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