I Have Had my Chin Implant for 15 Months Now and Been Unhappy from Day 1, Should I Replace or Remove?

My implant is too big.I told my doc as soon as I saw it but he wanted me to wait until the swelling was gone.It's been over a year and I still don't like it.I am worried I may end up with a disformed chin as a result of the stretched skin/scar tissue,if I have it removed. I'm told it's silicone and the size is #3.I took for ever for me to talk normal and some words I still don't come out right, I used to have a pretty smile & it's not the same.Should I replace it with a smaller one or remove it?

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Remove or Replace Chin Implant?

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If you had an undesirable chin before surgery, you still do. Therefore I would both remove and replace the existing implant.

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