Is my Chin Implant Way Too Big? (photo)

I am 34 y/o. Had a Large square Terino style 2 extended chin implant set in 6 weeks ago. While swelling has gone down I am still unable to laugh or smile naturally. My lower facial muscles feel really tight. Asked my PS and said that it was from mild nerve damage and full functionality should come 3-6 months. However, the sensitivy to my lower lip is already back but my muscles still feel as tight as day 1. Should I consider having it trimed down? Sadly,love the look but hate my smile.Thank you!

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Chin implant sizing is a matter of personal preference

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While nerve weakness can occur after chin implant placement (and resolve spontaneously), the implant's size may be unsatisfactory and need revision.


My personal recommendation would be a smaller, less projected chin implant. I think you side view, in particular, leads me to think you would be happier with a smaller implant.

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