Why is my Chin Asymmetric? (photo)

Why is my chin asymmetric? And would it be a huge project to make it symmetric? I've posted a photo of me.

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Chin asymmetry

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Chin asymmetry is usually due to one of two basic things: either the underlying chin bone has developed asymmetrically and/or the soft tissue coverings over the bone are asymmetric.  The specific reasons for either are multiple.  To determine your cause, I recommend visiting a board certified plastic or oral-maxillo-facial surgeon for a physical exam and possibly some x-rays too.  Glad to help... @drryanstanton

Chin Asymmetry Corrected By Intraoral Genioplasty

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Your chin asymmetric but one side (your left) is vertically longer than your right side. That could be corrected by an intraoral genioplasty procedure in which the chin bone is vertically shortened on the longer side. This is a standard chin procedure that certainly would not be considered a major project to do.

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