I Have A Small Chin Bone, But A Lot Of Chin Fat. What Can I Do To Make My Chin Look Shorter?

well i have a normal size chin but i see other people and they have much shorter chins and it looks so cute because their chin is more close to their lips and its a anime shape because mine is a bit round cuz of the skin but if i stretch the chin skin up,it looks shorter and i like it.so the problem is that my chin bone is already small but the skin covering it makes it apear a little bit fatter.is there anyways anyone that can take off some skin or something so my chin can look shorter?

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Chin Soft Tissue Adjustment

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You may benefit by either a submental tissue excision tightening procedure or an intraoral mntalis tightening suspension. Which approach is better depends on the size of your chin bone and how much soft tissue excess/laxity you have.

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