One of my Cheeks is Bigger and Larger Than the Other. It Can Be Fixed?

One of my cheeks is (fatter?) and larger than the other one. It makes my face look bigger and asymmetric. I'm 17 years old. It can be fixed? I've heard that at that age cheeks are bigger and they "thin" in adulthood...but considering that one of my cheeks is bigger I'm worried that this will continue in adulthood. Is a good idea to start searching for solutions to make my cheek smaller or I should wait some years?

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Facial Asymmetry

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It is common to have facial asymmetry as normal occurence whereas, significant asymmetries may be associated with facial disorders.  It is recommended to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon to discuss your individual situation and possible treatment options.  Fat grafting, facial implants or Sculptra are possible treatment options.

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