Will my cheek wrinkles go away? (photo)

I had an SMAS and a neck lift 3 weeks ago. I now have cheek wrinkles, my right side worse than my left. My ps assures me they will eventually go away, but I am very depressed because I look like a "freak" and don't go anywhere. How long will this take if they do go away? Three months? A year? Anything I can do in the meantime?

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A facelift does not typically remove skin wrinkles

If the wrinkles were caused by the alteration of your facial skin during a facelift they should go away as your plastic surgeon says.  However skin wrinkles that you had before your facelift are typically caused by movement of your facial muscles and will return after surgery.  Typically laser resurfacing is required to improve skin wrinkles.


Need to see the full face pictures. Better in person evaluation and review the operative report of what was done. Then we will be able to advise better. However I doubt these wrinkles will go away without a revision surgery or possibly laser resurfacing
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