Are my Cheek Implants Infected? I Cant Get a Straight Answer from my Doctor?

I had cheek implants put in may 1st, it is the 8th and my right side is healing perfectly, but my left side is another story. I went to see my doctor this morning. He noticed the difference in the two sides. He drained the left side of "old blood" and directed me to double up on anti-biotics. He said there was no infection at this point. But he seemed concerned. If there was no infection, then why would he tell me to double up on anitbiotics, and tell me the possiblility of a removal of implant.

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Cheek Implant Infection ??

At this point after surgery, it is too early to tell if you have an infection brewing. It sounds like you had a small hematoma which was drained. Since a hematoma is a good breeding ground for bacteria, your doctor was being cautious by increasing your antibiotic levels. The answer will come in the next four to six weeks, particularly when you stop your antibiotics for awhile. Your doctor was being thorough, cautious and alerting you to all possibilities. 

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Cheek implant infection

Any operation that involves tissues deep to the skin will cause the tissue to leak some plasma fluid and a little blood.  The soft tissues of the cheek have a lot of muscle which tends to leak blood and plasma fluid a little more easily.  The fluid collection basically pooled in the pocket that was used for the cheek implant therefore it had to be drained so that it would not become infected.  Any fluid collection around the foreign body especially by the mouth may have a tendency to become infected over other areas.  It sounds like the surgeon was being extra careful by draining the fluid in preventing any Infection.  It does not sound like you had an active infection.  I would keep her eye out for redness swelling and tenderness sure to followup with doctor.

Michael A. Carron, MD
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Are My Cheek implants Infected?

Blood around your implants is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. He has changed your antibiotic dose as a preventative measure. If an infection did occur it may be necessary to remove the implant to adequately treat the infection. It sounds like your getting excellent care. 

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Cheek Implant Infection

It's possible that you had a small collection of blood around the implant and your surgeon is trying to prevent it progressing to a full blown infection. It may not be obvious at this point.  Give it a little more time, if it's infected you'll now soon.

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