What are my chances of delivering a healthy baby if I was taking accutane for the first 4 weeks of my pregnancy?

I am 21 and I was taking 20mg of accutane twice a day for four months, I found out I was pregnant yesterday and I am about 4 weeks into my pregnancy. I stopped taking the accutane once I found out I was pregnant. I am not able to find any statistics and would like to know what the chances of delivering a healthy baby are

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Accutane and pregnancy

It is a requirement if you are taking Accutane to be on TWO forms of birth control. There is no statistic to give you on this. Accutane and pregnancy do not mix and no physician can recommend you taking the medication while pregnant or having a baby you knew was developing while on this medication for 4 weeks. You need to speak with your OB immediately, but as far as I would be concerned your baby is 100% at risk for serious deformity and death before the age of 2 if you take Accutane during your pregnancy. 

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