7 days old stitches out today. What can I do and how much will it shrink disappear what? Laser surgery? (photo)

help me i dont want this scar, i want to do what ever it takes to get rid laser treament creams etc, which is best and what would be the likely result, can i get it to go completely or barely noticable or will it be like this for ever. i am realy scared and need solid sound advice im 21 yr f and i cry everytime i look in mirrror, its 7 days old today and ive just had stitches out today. i have been told i can go to a maxilliofacial and get it looked at by them, does anyone know what i can do

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7 days old stitches out today. What can I do and how much will it shrink disappear what? Laser surgery?

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Very early in wound healing but yes seek IN PERSON opinions for future scar revision interventions..///

What options are available to improve facial scars?

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Right now sun avoidance is key. Sunblock (UV-A and UV-B) and avoiding excessive sun exposure. Dermabrasion can often be helpful to smooth scars as early as six weeks. Laser can be performed in the same timeframe to help smooth and refine scar tissue. For a scar like yours most will wait 12 months to perform any surgical scar revision as it is likely to improve dramatically on its own in that timeframe.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Be Very Patient

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Believe it or not, a scar takes 1 full year to mature. Be patient. Do not let anyone convince you to undergo any scar revisions or laser treatments during this healing phase.

There are three things that can be done to give the best possible appearance to a scar:

1. avoid the sun and use a hat and sunblock when outside.

2. massage the scar with moisturizing cream, beginning in about 1 month after the injury. This will help to flatten the scar.

3. use silicone ointment

My preference is to use a product called Biocorneum. This is a sunblock with silicone ointment mixed in. If you massage the scar with this several times per day beginning at about one month, you will cover your bases with all three issues above. See a plastic surgeon for a second opinion and to evaluate your healing, but again, be very patient. The scar is in a favorable location and in a favorable direction and should continue to heal just fine.

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