What are my chances of bouncing back to my pre ba self. Explanting 4 months after ba? (photo)

I am 25, 105lbs, started w/a small a cup and got 371 silicone unders. I am uncomfortable with these implants and I am having them removed at my 4month mark.My ps will be removing just the implant, he believes the capsule is thin and will not need to be removed.I am scared of how much sag I may experience. What are my chances of getting back to the old me?And once the implants are removed will my nipples go back to a more centered location, I feel they point more to the sides w/these implants in.

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It is highly unlikely that they will "bounce" back.  If you blow-up a balloon, then deflate it, the balloon doesn't look like it did before being inflated.  

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What are my chances of bouncing back to my pre ba self. Explanting 4 months after ba?

There can NEVER be any types of guarantees in these cases of explantation.. BTW your result does appear very good. Maybe you should "try" to adjust to the implants for a few more months??

Breasts often look fine after explantation

Due to the fact that you were not saggy to begin with, and the implants have only been in a short time, it is likely that your breasts will return to a very similar appearance to your pre-op.

Result of explant

It is really hard to predict in any individual how much bounce back to expect. In your favor is youth, what looks like good skin tone, and the fact that these haven't been in for years.

Although in general surgeons prefer not to remove implants too early (to avoid impulsive decisions), once the decision is made, the sooner the implants are out the better. I, and I believe most surgeons would agree in not removing the capsule.

Thanks for your question, all the best.

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