My Cat Jumped on my Face While I Was Sleeping and Hit my Nose (8 Days Post Op Septorhinoplasty). Have I Ruined my Results?

I got a septorhinoplasty 8 days ago to fix my deviated septum, add a spreader graft to the right side, and a hum reduction. This morning my cat jumped over my face and kicked my nose on the right side. It hurt badly, and looks to be swelling a lot on that side. Have I ruined my nose??? What should I do now?? Thank you

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Septorhinoplasty and Post Operative Trauma

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Dear Kiyoshiflower,


I have answered several questions you have asked in the past including a concern for a "hump" on your nose that is present after your Septorhinoplasty. You stated in your last question that you were concerned with this hump and that you did not discuss it with your surgeon as you felt he/she would state it was to soon post operative to determine? If indeed you have had some trauma to your nose then you need to discuss this with your surgeon and discuss the circumstances. If you have had post operative trauma to the nose this may be the answer to your last question as why you are seeing a hump, or post operative swelling as discussed above. Do protect your investment after surgery and watch small children, flying objects, and animals in this immediate recovery phase. Best Regards!

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