My Canines Are Right Next to my Central Laterals and I Am Missing Both my Lateral Incisors So What Should I Do? (photo)

I am in the process of deciding, I am only 15 and I really don't want implants. I just want to know all options possible. My ortho told me a couple but there has to be more. Please help

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Options for missing laterals

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I can only base my opinion on a very limited photo of your smile. I would need a full set of x-rays and photos inside you mouth to give you a more complete opinion.

At 15 years old, the best option by far is to do braces and open up ideal spaces for your missing laterals (it looks like you have retained baby teeth behind the canines that should be removed to allow space). Once the spaces are open, then you should have implants to replace the laterals. You will have to wait until you are about 18 yrs old to get the implants. This is to be sure you are no longer growing. If the implant is placed while you are still growing, then it will move with the bone and the teeth will not look right.

I know this is not what you want to hear but it is by far the best option on the long run. It  will assure the best looking and functioning outcome with the least potential problems.

Other options:

1) do the above but get Maryland bridges instead of implants. The problem with this is that the bridges have a tendency to loosen or fall off from time to time.

2) braces or invisalign to close up the spaces and then do crowns and veneers to make the canines look like laterals. Very bad option because your canines will be ground down a lot to make them look like laterals and your centrals will have to get veneers to blend things in better. After all this, it will still not look quite right because the canines are very wide teeth and they never look like laterals even with a crown. You also run the risk of exposing the nerve and end up with a root canal. Then there is the issue of what to do with the baby teeth.

Good luck


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