My canine teeth were pulled a long time ago - Can they be replaced? (Photo)

How my canine teeth could be replaced. I look wearied when I smile. Is there alternative solution to improve my smile. Thanks

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What to do about missing permanent canine teeth.

Missing or extracted permanent canine teeth can present a number of restorative and aesthetic problems. While there are some conditions where canines are impacted and cannot erupt properly, or canines are removed due to extreme crowding, for the most part canine teeth are extremely important for proper function in the mouth. They serve as the "steering wheel" with 'canine guidance' serving an important function during chewing that protect the other teeth in the mouth. Nevertheless, if canines are missing in an adult dentition, it is important to restore both the important function of these missing teeth with remaining teeth, and also improve the aesthetic problems by these missing prominent teeth.

Based on the photos you submitted, it appears that some crowding remains and your first bicuspids are in the canine position. I would recommend Invisalign therapy to correct some of alignment issues, followed by possible "veneering" of your small first bicuspids to increase their size (to look more like canines) and improve their function in the canine position in the arch.

Above all, you will require a careful evaluation by a dentist experienced in this regard.

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