Why Are my Calves Still Swollen 4 Months Post-op?

I had a tummy tuck, mini arm lift, liposuction to the back and upper thighs. 3 months post-op and the results were fantastic. However, I'm 4 months post-op now and I've noticed my calves swell up. I wake up in the morning and they're completely normal, but by the end of the day they're mildly swollen. Is it a result from the surgery or the fact that I started exercising 3 months post-op? I stopped exercising but the swelling won't go away unless I elevate my legs. Help!

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Calves Still Swollen at 4 Months Following Tummy Tuck

   Calf swelling, particularly when one leg is more swollen than the other, should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon for blood clots.   This is a bit late to get a blood clot, but you do not want to miss this.   Most likely, you just have dependent swelling due to compromised lymphovascular flow after so many procedures.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA  

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Swelling after surgery

Healing takes one year and calf and ankle swelling afyter a tummy tuck at 4 mnonths is common.   Restrict you sodium, drink lots of water, use support h ose if you wish.  Time is the great healer and each month your swelling will improve.   Exercising is fine.   Keep that up.   My Best,   Dr C

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Why Are my Calves Still Swollen 4 Months Post-op?

Several possibilities, one of which I would recommend evaluation for--clots in the leg veins. 

Compression stockings may help with the swelling, and plan on using them daily for several months. Your surgeon or physician can order the ultrasound test to check the leg veins. 

All the best.

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