My BWD is 13cm and my breast project off the chest wall 5cm, can I reduce my BWD with liposuction?

My chest measurement around and under my breast is 76cm. I am 64in tall and weigh 125lbs. My BWD is 13cm and my breast project 5cm off my chest wall. I can't fit into store bought bra's with underwire cups, since my breast are too wide and too flat, to fit any normal size. Could I get liposuction on the outside and inside of my breast, to reduce my BWD in order to fit into a normal B cup underwire bra?

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This is an issue that can be addressed in many ways. Perhaps you need to see a specialized store that has experts in bra sizing/fitting. Other options may include a breast reduction with or without liposuction. You need to be examined in person. Please see a Board Certified plastic surgeon in your area.


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Breast reduction with lipo

Hello!! Many women hold their weight in the breast area and also in the upper back and under the arms. liposuction can be performed around the side of the breast and the upper back to reduce the width. If your breasts have too much tissue, a reduction and lift can be performed to improve the shape and volume. The proper approach can help you reach the best results and also to find it easier to find bras to support your breasts.

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Breast dimensions

Thanks for your question - keep in mind that bra cup sizes are not standardized amongst stores and manufacturers - they are very variable. Best to have an in person consultation to see if your goals could be met.

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