My Buttock Implants Were Removed 2 Yrs Ago But They Look Like They're Still There? (photo)

But it looks like there are still there. I'm assuming the doctor didn't close the pockets and there is open space within the pockets. Can this be closed so I can look normal once again and how long is the recovery time?

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Buttock Implant Removal

You had your Buttock Implants removed, but you still feel the buttocks are big as if the implants are still there.

First you need a sonogram. You most probably have collected some fluid. And most probably the capsule was not removed. The sonogram will confirm if there is fluid or not. Your surgeon can tell you if he removed the capsule.

The capsule can be removed surgicaly. Compression garment should be worn for 3-6 weeks.



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My Buttock Implants Were Removed 2 Yrs Ago But They Look Like They're Still There?

   This is difficult to judge without an exam to help determine what could be the issue.

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Same after Buttock implants removed

A before photo would be extremely helpful but assuming this is the case there are several possibilities.  The body never likes "open spaces" so it either collapses this type of space or fills it in with fluid (essentially salt water body fluid) that remains for an undetermined amount of time until it eventually turns into a ball of scar tissue.  If your buttocks are the same now after the implants were (for sure) removed then either there exists a ball of scar tissue or the implants were relatively tiny to begin with.  Glad to help... @drryanstanton

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