Had my Butt Implant Removed and Having Complications?

I originally Butt Implants on June of 2011, right away I started having complication, my body built so much seroma that my cut opened. My doctor told me to lea e it alone so it can keep on draining and that it would close by itself. 1yr later it still open and one of the implants is exposed. So he decideds to go in and readjyst and close. Now my body rejected so bad i told him to get them out. Im sti leaking seroma and my butt looks UGLY.

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Exposed, infected butt implants

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Sorry to hear you are having such difficulties with your butt implants.  At this stage, I believe that your implants will have to be removed.  Once these implants are exposed to air they frequently become infected.  It sounds like that has happened in your situation.  I would have a conversation with your plastic surgeon as to the next step.  Another solution could be fat transfer. 

Problems after butt implant removal

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I am sorry to hear that you have had so many problems with your butt implants.  Unfortunately these are not uncommon.  My suggestion is to keep seeing your surgeon and have the sermons drained as needed.  Once the sermons stop forming, you can have gluteal augmentation with fat transfer to correct the contour deformities and restore the proper shape.  Good luck and take care.

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