Can my Bulbous, Thick Skin, Deviated Nose Be Improved? (photo)

Hi, as the title suggests my nose is very blocky and bulbous. I've already had septoplasty 2 years ago hear in UK with NHS, however there was very little, if any improvement in terms of ease of breathing or appearence. My nose is affecting my life a lot, psychologically its constantly on my mind and my confidence levels are rock bottom. I've tried applying Psycho-Cybernetic techniques to no avail. I desperately need any advice to whether I can get a defined, pointy nose. Thanks!

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Possible Improvements via Rhinoplasty

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Most of your complaints can be significantly improved. However, you must be realistic regarding your expectations. With a thick nasal skin envelope you cannot expect a very pointed or sharp tip. There are limitations to what can be accomplished in that regard if natural-looking results are to be ensured.


Good luck!

Dr. A

Improving nose with thick skin and bulbous tip

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Improvement can be accomplished with a rhinoplasty procedure to straighten and realign the nasal pyramid.  Osteotomies are required to straighten the nasal bones and osteotomies also narrow the nasal bones.  If patients have a concaved side of the nose, typically spreader grafts are used to improve asymmetry in the mid vault area.  Narrowing the nasal tip can be performed with removal of cartilage and suturing the lower lateral cartilages together to reduce the bulbosity.  Thick skin is very difficult to deal with and will camouflage the above techniques, especially in the tip during the post-operative healing.  It is important to have close follow-up with your surgeon for cortisone shots in the tip area to prevent fluid and scar tissue formation from settling.  It is also important to address any further breathing issues on the internal portion of the nose.

Deviated Nose with Bulbous Tip

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You can straighten your nose, reduce the width, and narrow and define your tip with a rhinoplasty. However with your thick skin a "pointy" tip cannot be achieved. You want a proportional, not "pointy" tip. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Can my Bulbous, Thick Skin, Deviated Nose Be Improved?

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 Aesthetically speaking your nose is wide with a very wide tip that is at the upper limits of upward rotation.  The nostrils are thick and the skin appears thick as well.  The chin appears weak on profile making the lower face out of balance and the nose appear larger than it really is.

 IMHO Rhinoplasty can:

  1. Narrow the nasal bones by breaking the bones and moving them towards the midline.
  2. This the nasl tip however this must be done without causing any further upward tip rotation.  There will be a limit to how narrow the tip can be made in this scenario.
  3. Reduce the wide of the nostrils (Flare)
  4. Chin Augmentation with a Chin Implant, not part of the Rhinoplasty, should also be considered to balance the lower face.

 Hope this helps.

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