What can be done about my buffalo hump? (Photo)

I'm a 26 year old female. 150lbs and 5"7. The hump is getting larger, and I want to know my options to remove it.

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Buffalo Hump

These are fibrofatty deposits that are treated with fine thorough ideal Liposculpting. No general anesthesia. One small insignificant skin opening so almost scarless. 

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Excess fatty tissue at base of neck

Good morning!

What you have is more common than you think- but the fatty tissue there is much more fiberous than "regular" fat and there fore requires IMO a slightly different approach.

I have had great success with using the VASER ultrasonic liposuction system when treating these areas.  Similar to traditional liposuction, it also employes an ultrasonic probe that helps break down the fiberous bands that allow the liposuction cannula to much more easily remove that tissue.  It only requires 1-2 small incisions each a couple of millimeters long, and recovery is very short.

I hope this helps

Robert Steely, MD, FACS
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Liposuction can correct "Buffalo hump".

A collection of fat in the posterior cervical region referred to as a Buffalo hump can be treated with liposuction. Usually this is done with local only or local with sedation.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Liposuction for "Buffalo Hump"

The firm collection of fat on the neck, sometimes called "buffalo hump" can be reduced using liposuction.  My opinion is that ultrasonic or laser lipo can make this somewhat firm, tougher fat easier to remove.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
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What can be done about my buffalo hump?

Lipo os Smart Lipo in combination would improve this issue. Best to see a boarded PSs in your city/state... 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Treating Buffalo Hump

Thank you for your picture.  Typically, this hump consist of fat and liposuction can help.  If you are on medication that help form this hump it may reoccur if the medications are not stopped.

Treating a buffalo hump

Liposuction will be effective but has a slight risk that the lump can regrow.  Surgical excision can remove the entire thing but the  problem there is a very long scar across the back of the neck.  Unfortunately, insurance companies will not pay for liposuction, even for buffalo humps and place patients in the position of either paying for the procedure themselves or accepting the long scar.  I see quite a few patients who postpone surgery for this reason such that the hump continues to grow. With that comes the risk of malignant degeneration given the size of these masses.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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