Can I use my brothers Nasal Septum to build my nasal bridge? He has a deviated septum that needs to go.

I had a Septorhinoplasty, so i don't have a nasal cartilage anymore. I have a implant in my nose that i want to get rid of. If my brother goes in for surgery to get his septum removed. He does not want any other work done. Can i use his nasal cartilage to build my nasal bridge and subsequently remove the implant?

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Use of Brother's Septum

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I have never heard of this being done but anything is possible. Your ear cartilage, hip bone, or parietal bone are your most logical choices to build up your dorsum without a synthetic material.

I assume your brother is not an identical twin so his tissue has foreign antigens that will still be rejected by your immune system. It may be possible to irradiate the septum to minimize the foreign antigens. Again, I have never heard about this being done. 

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