Are my Breasts Tubular, and Are my Aerolas Too Big?

Hello, I'm only 15, but I'm worried about my breasts. I am a 34D, and am overweight, and I wanted to know if I should have a breast surgery and aerola reduction in the future. im so self-consious about my boobs. They droop, I wouldn't say sag, but the aerola points downwards instead of straight. Also,they are big, convering the tip Of My boob and are 4 inches across. I think my breast have a tubular shape to them, but could it be because I'm Not Fully developed Yet? Thank you:)

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Tubular breast?

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It is impossible to comment without seeing the breasts. In general tubular breasts exemplify 3 main qualities. They are a constricted lower pole, high riding inframammary crease, and herniated breast tissue into the nipple areolar complex. One can have all or just one of these qualities to have a tubular breast. After an exam you will have a better idea. You do want to make sure you have full breast development before proceeding to have surgical correction.

Tubular breasts?

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Without an exam it is very difficult to comment. Being that you are 15 you would need your parents' permission to go for a consultation. Good luck.

Tubular and constricted breasts

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Without photos, it's tough to say, but from your description it does sound like you may have tubular breasts.  Constricted breasts are similar, but usually the features are not as severe.  If puberty is over, and your breasts have stopped developing, it would be reasonable to consider surgery, with your parents' consent.  This type of breast problem can cause significant emotional trauma if not corrected with surgery. 

Modified breast lift corrects tubular breasts.

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You have tubular breasts and they can be well corrected, but wait until your breasts are fully grown before you have surgery.  Otherwise, you might need more than one operation.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Tubular Breast

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Please post some pictures so can determine if you have tubular breast!


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