I'm 15 yrs old and got my first period about a month ago. Are my Breasts Tubular?

I am 15 years old and i got my first period about a month before my 13th birthday. My breasts have looked like this for the majority of my teenage life, and the only change has been the size of my aerola, and a little bit of breast tissue increase. I know i may be too young to be asking but i would really like to know, just in case im still developing and dont need to worry about this anymore. If they are tuberous, will i need surgery to fix them? I am very self conscious about them :/

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Breast Surgery

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It is very hard to make clinical decisions based on a very little information provided on the internet, I suggest you see a local board certified plastic surgeon with aesthetic expertise

Tuberous breasts

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First, at 15 your breasts are probably still growing. If they do not improve, there are certainly things that can be done. But, you will need permission from your parents to see a plastic surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Are my Breasts Tubular?

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There are a number of features that define a tuberous breast:

•Wide and puffy areolae

•widely spaced breasts

•high breast fold

•constricted lower pole (deficient tissue in lower half of the breast

•minimal breast tissue

•high breast fold

Without a photo it is hard to comment further. You may have attached one but because you are under 18 they have are not posted. 

In any case, best advice is to have a discussion with your pediatrician or family doctor, who may choose to have you see a plastic surgeon for a consultation. It is most unlikely that any surgery would be suggested until you have passed the age at which further breast development is unlikely. 

All the best


Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Tuberous breasts...

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The description you give sounds consistent with a tuberous breast deformity...but there's really no way to advise you without photographs.  In general, a tuberous breast  is one where there is a sort of 'herniation' of breast tissue into the nipple/areola.  This extra tissue sitting under the areola causes the areola to widen.  The base of the breast fails to widen so the breast often has a narrow and long appearance.  Please submit photographs so you can get more of an answer for your particular case.

Scott E. Newman, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Tubular Breasts?

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Please submit pictures.  Also, see attached link for more information (about constricted/tuberous breasts)  that may be helpful to you. Best wishes.

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