Are my Breasts Still Sitting Low After my Breast Lift and Augmentation? (photo)

I am 8 weeks post op from breast lift (lollipop)and cohesive gel implants(above the muscle). I am experiencing rippling around my breasts in which is apparently normal for my size however to me they seem to sit lower than I was told they would and when they are manually "lifted" the rippling appears to deminish. Could they have been positioned higher and could this be partially affecting the rippling? Im concerned that I will need a re-lift in the near future if they sit this low 8 weeks post op

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Low breasts

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Based purely on your photo's I can see that perhaps your nipple-areola position could be 1-2 cm higher and there could be less fullness in the bottom of your breasts. The key is not skin quality but the redistribution of your parenchymal envelope around your implants. That said, I think your surgeon did a good job.

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Breast implant rippling

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I think your surgeon did a good job. I would probably have put the implants under the muscle but that is personal preference and I do not think it would have affected the rippling you see in the last photo. That rippling is in the outer and lower edges of the breast. Even if you put the implants under the muscle those edges of the implants will not be covered by muscle because the muscle does not extend that far downward and outward. It is too early to do a revision but if this stills bothers you in a few months your only options would be to increase the amount of soft tissue over these edges of the implants. That would mean gaining weight or have your surgeon put dermal matrix over these edges of the implants. Repositioning them under the muscle alone will not correct rippling in these areas.

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Breast height after augment/mastopexy

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GIven the preop condition of your breasts, the current position is not unreasonable. If your skin laxity is weak, the breasts cannot sit up higher on your chest. Manual lifting is not meaningful just as, when a patient elevates the corners of her eyes to demonstrate a blepharoplasty result, this would be unrealistic and not in conformity with the facial anatomy.

Breasts too Low after Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

Without direct examination and measurements it is difficult to tell if your breasts are “still sitting low” after surgery. As I mentioned, as a response to one of your previous questions” I think the rippling you are experiencing is mainly related to these sub glandular positioning of the breast implants. This sub glandular positioning may also explain your concerns  with the positioning of the breast implants. In other words, sub pectoral implants generally would be sitting higher on the chest wall.

I hope this helps.

Skin Quality, as well as Quantity, will affect your outcome

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Hi there-

It looks like you have experienced the decline in outcome that is occasionally seen in patients whose skin has lost quality (elasticity).

A well done breast lift will address the excess of quantity, but the lost quality can never be restored. The best you can do is to camouflage the poor quality skin using an implant and the design of the lift.

Even when this is done masterfully, over the next few months it occasionally happens that the lost elasticity manifests itself as a descent of your result and rippling.

Your surgeon did nothing wrong.

In many cases like yours, I have achieved excellent results (and patient satisfaction) through a minor revision for tightening of the breast lift, with or without exchange of the implants and placement of Strattice for thickness.

I would wait another month or so and then discuss this with your surgeon.

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