Why Are my Breasts Still Saggy After Lift with Silicone Implants Under the Muscle?

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Sagging of the breasts following augmentation mastopexy.

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Unfortunately, without an exam or at a minimum photos, it is impossible to give you any advice. Having some sagginess following a mastopexy may occur due to inadequate lift during surgery, elevation of the implants, or a combination of both. Often it is best to wait 3-6 months following surgery to allow for healing to finalize and allow the breasts time to reshape to the lift and the implants.

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Sagging can be with breast tissue or implant

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Sagging or poor position can occur with either the breast tissue itself or the implant.  A tightening of the breast lift can help with either but if the implant is the culprit this is better treated with repair of the breast implant pocket.  Often there is a little bit of both and both have to be addressed.  At the same time, the pocket under the muscle should be verified that it is properly dissected as this can reduce the effectiveness of the capsule repair if needed.

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Can't See - Can't Say

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This is an excellent question you are posing, but please help us out by sending several pictures including a pre op.  Also need some demographics - age, height, have you lost a lot of weight, number of children, and what type of surgery was done since there are many different kinds of mastopexies.  Your Real Self doctor responders are here to help you, but if we can't see your photos, we can't say very much.

Sagging after augment/pexy

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Photos are essential to an opinion. There are certainly different lift methodologies and implant sizes so the question would be whether the combination used in your case was appropriate. Healing also needs to take place before you can make any judgments about the result.

Breast Still “Saggy" after Breast Augmentation/Lift?

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 Without direct examination, the benefit of pictures, and/or more information, it is not possible to give you precise advice. In-person examination  by well experienced board certified plastic surgeons will be your best bet.

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Without a picture or an exam we can’t give accurate explanations. Sometimes depending on the situation either you didn’t get the lift really needed or didn’t go with a big enough implants to help the sag. Maybe you haven’t finished completely healing and things can still change. Maybe your implants haven’t dropped into position. You need to follow up with your PS.


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