Will my Breasts Stay This Way or Will They Change I Am 6 Weeks Post Op Breast Revision? (photo)

I am 5feet 5 115 lbs my old implants were 450cc's shaped textured high profile which I felt looked great but had them in for 14 years so I had breast revision done This time my new surgeon did 600'ccs smooth round under the muscle and now am at 6 weeks post op but am not happy with what my breasts look like my right breast looks fuller and my nipple is higher will this change over time or is this how they will stay ..Please comment and give feedback Thank you

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Concerns about Breast Asymmetry after Revisionary Breast Surgery?

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Thank you for the question and picture. The asymmetry that you refer to in your description is easily visible in the photograph you posted. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing whether time will improve the situation or not.  Your plastic surgeon, after direct physical examination will be your best resource when it comes to ruling out complications that may be causing the right breast to appear fuller or higher.  If there is no such complication, you are likely dealing with a difference in breast implant positioning.

 Continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon. In the longer term, if this degree of breast asymmetry persists, you will likely benefit from additional breast revisionary surgery.  You may find the attached link helpful to you.

 Best wishes.

Breast appearance generally doesn't change much after six weeks.

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The provided picture demonstrates what appears to be good result that the breast augmentation. It six weeks out it's unlikely that these breasts will change a lot going forward.

Will my Breasts Stay This Way or Will They Change I Am 6 Weeks Post Op Breast Revision?

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No before photo posted to compare, poorly dark posted photo so hard to see are the issues you need to correct before we can truly respond. Appear as a good early result. 

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