Will my Breasts Get Smaller if I Start Exercising More?

I am 16, 5'0, and about 100 lbs. My breasts are a 32/34C and/or 32/34D. What I would like to know is if they will shrink any if I start exercising more to tone my body. I am not trying to lose weight.

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Probably not

A 16 year old has breasts that are more breast tissue with less fat. You weigh only 100 pounds.

A slightly overweight person who is older, had children  may lose some size with weight loss. After children the breasts become more fat and therefore with weight loss they can lose volume.

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Will my Breasts Get Smaller if I Start Exercising More?

Probably not, unless you lose a significant amount of body fat.  Depending on type of exercise and your skin elasticity, consider good support to avoid stretching breast skin.  If you're strengthening with weights/resistance, not an issue.  If you're distance running with C to D cup breasts, good support is advised.

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Breast size and weight loss

If your breasts are very fatty, then certainly losing weight may impact the overall size. But this will vary from patient to patient.

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Breast size and weight loss

You can lose weight off your breast just like weight can be lost from other parts of the body while exercising.  It is unpredictable.  When exercising different people lose weight from different parts of the body and it is quite variable.  Some lose it from the tummy, others the hips and some from the breast area.  So yes you will eventual lose it from the breast but this is something that you have no control over.  The converse is also true that weight can go back on the breast if weight is put back on.

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