Will my Breasts Shrink Any More 3 Wks After Having a Lift with Implants? (photo)

I'm worried that my breasts are larger than I'd hoped. I used to fill a b-cup bra with (what I thought) was mostly saggy, excess skin. I had a mastopexy with 230cc saline implants under the muscle. My PS recommended this when I told him I wanted to appear the same old size in a bra and t-shirt - but not sagging to the floor when I take the bra off anymore! At 3 wks however, they are larger than I wanted and fit most full c-cup bras. I know they may fall more but will they appear any smaller?

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Size after augment/pexy

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Without knowing how much swelling you had postoperatively, it is difficult to tell how much more you can expect to go down but remember that it is important to wait at least 3-6 months before reaching any conclusions. You are correct that the breasts will continue to settle and that may affect your perspective on the size. 230 cc implants are relatively small. I hope that you are ultimately satisfied with the outcome of the procedure.

Breast surgery healing process

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It is hard to say how much swelling and edema that you have from your surgery still, but I tell all of my patients to wait for at least 3 months after breast surgery to decide whether or not they are ultimately happy with the size and shape of the results. While I would be a bit suprised for you to lose an entire cup size in swelling, it is possible. It appears from your photo that there is a bit more bruising than what I typically see with my patients which might result in a bit more swelling that will take time to resolve. Be patient.

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