Do my breasts look normal for one week post op and will the drop? (photo)

7 days post op-mentor smooth round high profile saline 380cc filled to 450 cc. I have had more pain/slight swelling in the L breast & less range of motion in the L arm my incision was thru the armpit & the incision site is very sensitive/sore still. wear a bando about 13 hrs a day, apply heat & ice @ intervals. 2day I noticed slight bruising along the crease under my L breast. I was instructed to massage implants down & I do only twice a day. Breasts are still tight//very sore pain is tolerable

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I dont see much bruising but I find the axillary incision is more sore for patients. A hematoma would have a lot of pain on one side compared to the other

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The post-op photo is of poor quality.  I cannot comment on it.  Please see your PS to discuss your concerns.


Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Impossible to tell anything from the photo you posted.  It is not very clear.  Please followup with your plastic surgeon as scheduled.  I'm sure you will love your results once you are all healed up.


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Poorly posted after photo so wee really can not offer you any advise. Please re post a frontal photo so we can compare for you.//

Normal after 1 week?

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It's quite normal to feel tender at only 7 days post-op. I'm sorry, but unfortunately, it's impossible to give an opinion based on the photo that you submitted post-op due to the view. You also will have some swelling and until that subsides, your breasts will appear slightly higher. Give it some more time and continue massaging down a couple of times per day. This will help and you should improve a little every day.

Dr. K

Julie Khanna, MD, FRCSC
Ontario Plastic Surgeon
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Normal appearance at one week?

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The after photo that is posted does show some bruising, though nothing alarming. However this view does not permit any comments on the result at one week. At a minimum a view like the before view would be needed.

In the meanwhile, best advice is to discuss with your surgeon. All the best, Dr G

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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