Best Way to Make my Breasts More Symmetrical? (photo)

I have been contemplating correcting my breast asymmetry and am inquiring on the various options. If I wanted the size of the smaller breast, would it be possible to have a reduction on the larger breast and a breast lift on both? I am unsure if a breast lift would make the smaller breast even smaller. I currently wear a 34C which seems to be in the middle of both breasts. If I were to correct this using an implant I am concerned it would not look natural due to the size of the implant needed.

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Correction of breast asymmetry

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Treating developmental asymmetry is one of the most challenging breast procedures. It can be addressed by reduction of the larger brast and lift, with or without augment, on the smaller side. It is important for you to define your goals. Reduction/lift will leave you very small as the smaller breast will lose volume in the procedure. If your chest is uneven, then the breasts may not appear as symmetrical as you might hope. Insurance companies do not pay for this surgery which, in my opinion, is terribly unfair. You could have a procedure without implant(s) first and then elect to augment at a later date, subject to your needs. Augmenting the smaller breast will not produce an aesthetically pleasing result when performed as a stand alone procedure. Best of luck!

Breast Asymmetry Treated With Breast Augmentation & Lift

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Thank you for sharing your photos.

You have two main options that could be implemented in your case:

1. You can have a lift on the right breast and a lift/reduction on the left one with a reduction of the areola on each breast.

2. You can have an implant and a lift for the right breast and a lift with a much smaller implant for the left breast.


Depending on what your goal is that a surgeon could help you correct the developmental asymmetry you have.

I encourage you to seek a consultation with a board certified surgeon of extensive experience who will guide you to make a well informed decision.

Your surgery will be of a delicate nature, so choosing the right surgeon is a key element for you to obtain commendable results with a natural look.


Thank you for your inquiry and the best of wishes to you.

Dr. Sajjadian


How to make my breasts more symmetrical...

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Large breast asymmetries are rarely corrected with an implant alone. You are correct to be concerned that placing a breast implant in the small breast will cause it to look very different from the natural, larger breast.


Typically the conversation with your surgeon needs to address what your goal is for the final outcome. Today many patients coming to my practice for breast augmentation ask for a “natural breast.”  They then show me a picture of someone who clearly has had a breast augmentation with very full upper pulls. This of course never happens naturally and requires an implant to achieve the shape and appearance. After the final goal is established, then an operative plan can be formulated.


It is true that a reduction of a larger breast can achieve reasonable symmetry with the opposite breast and even better so when the opposite breast has a lift and added shape. However the size often appears smaller even if the volume stays the same because the shape of the breast is different.  I recommend that you have a clear idea of exactly how you want to look after your surgery before worrying about the specifics of your breast procedure.



Correction of Asymmetric Tuburous Breasts With Different Lifts and Implants

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If you were my patient, I would recommend a Benelli Mastopexy on the right breast with simultaneous breast augmentation.  There are four basic problems with both of your breasts. 1. The breasts are hanging on the chest wall.  2. The areola are too large.  3. The areola are too low on the breast mounds.  4. There is no fullness in the upper quadrant.  Your right breast can be corrected with a circumareola mastopexy (Benelli).  Your left breast needs a standard breast reduction, lift, with subpectoral implant.  Technically, I would do the right breast, then match the left breast to it.


Silicone implants in the subpectoral position will not give you unnatural looking breasts, if done by a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in breast lifts and augmentations.  Probably, you would use a slightly larger implant on the right and a smaller on the left, but neither one should look unnatural.  I am excited for you embarking on this body changing procedure, congratulations on being courageous.  I'm sure you'll love the outcome.

Breast asymmetry can be corrected without implants.

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1)  I would definitely recommend surgical correction with a right breast lift and a left breast reduction (which of course includes a lift).

2)  The lift will not make your right breast significantly smaller.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breast Lift. Either approach, if done well, should give you an excellent, natural-looking result.

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Thank you for your question.

Either approach, if done well, should give you an excellent, natural-looking result. It depends if you want to be larger or smaller.

It does look like you would need a lift on both sides with a reduction of the larger breast or an implant on the smaller breast....or both...meaning a small implant on the small side and a small reduction on the bigger side, meeting in the middle with two breasts that are larger than your smaller one and smaller than your larger one.

To be sure, see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full evaluation.

I hope this helps.

Asymmetry correction

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  Dear Newyorker,

    Based on your pictures and the information that you provided, your right breast looks like a small A cup with a level 2 ptosis ( droopiness )  and your left breast looks like a full B cup with a level 3 ptosis.  To improve your appearance and correct your assymetry, you have 2 options : 1. A right breast mini-lift ( peri areolar ) and left breast reduction . This is not a very good option because your breasts will be too small for your body size. 2. A right breast augmentation with mini lift and left breast full lift ( key hole ). This is a much better option because it will give a much more balanced and attractive look. Both options can be done as a one stage surgery. Be sure to select an experienced board certified plastic surgeon and check their before and after pictures.

               Best of luck,

                                         Dr Widder 

Best Way to Make my Breasts More Symmetrical?

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Great posted photos and 14 now 15 responses. Best thing I can offer is seek ONLY in person evaluations from experienced boarded Plastic Surgeons in your area. My surgery plan for you ONLY based upon the posted photos is a 2 or 3 staged operations. First stage lifting left/ right release tuberous partial deformity with minor lift to gain so symmetry and Arielar reduction. Wait 3 months for healing, than Stage II an implant with or without fat grafting. Finally after 3 to 6 months healing any touch up if needed.  

Breast symmetry

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Neither breast looks quite right. A lift and augmentation may help balance the two, obviously an in  office exam is key and a review of your goals is essential. Good luck!

Breast asymmetry surgery

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Thank you of the question and the photos, your situation is not uncommon and you have several options. Any surgery whether its reduction/lift with or without implant will aim to achieve more symmetry. The question is how you want your breasts to look. You can address that question by taking photos to the consultation, look at before and after photos from the surgeons portfolio and then make your decision. It is very important for you own satisfaction after surgery to convey your concerns to the plastic surgeon very clearly.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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