Why Do my Breasts Look Lumpy and Deformed?

I had subglandular breast augmentation using natrelle 360cc MM 2.5 weeks ago. Everything looked great until the swelling went away. My breasts are soft but have a very distinct border all around (not a gradual slope) and the implants look scalloped around the edges. I can see and feel the implants. When I flex my pectoral muscles I distort them and my cleavage looks square and lumpy. What happened? I want natural breasts but have no fat under my skin and strong pectoral muscles. What can I do?

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Lumpy look after breast implants

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At 2.5 weeks after a breast augmentation, your body has not accomodated completely to the implants. Give it time.

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The lumpy look after breast augmentation

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What you are experiencing is a gel breast implant showing through thin cover. If the tissue is thin enough even a gel implant will show edges and a ripple. If you can distort the implant by flexing the chest muscle your implant might not be subglandular, thought the 'solution' to poor cover is a submuscular approach. 

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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“Lumpy and Deformed” after Breast Augmentation?

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I'm sorry to hear about the anxiety you are experiencing after breast augmentation surgery. Based on your description of your body type and the use of sub glandular breast implants, it is not completely surprising that you are seeing/feeling the breast implants more than  you wish. At this stage in your recovery, there is not much to do but wait to see the final results of the surgical procedure.

It is possible that in the future revision breast augmentation surgery ( for example breast re augmentation in the sub muscular position) may be helpful to you.

Best wishes.

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