Why haven't my breasts grew?

I know im only 14, but my moms grew when she was 13, & my oldest sister's did too. It seems that my youngest sister is growing more than me and my other sister . Im afraid that i'll be 16 will an 'A cup'. Should i be worried about it, or is my body regulating diffrently ?

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Breast Growth?

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Thank you for your question! Your breasts are still developing.  Everybody hormones are different.  Best of luck!
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Breast Growth

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Dear Kaitlyn,
In general, breasts will stop 'growing' when all other hormone related phenomenon from puberty stop changing. Some women have early puberty and early finishing of these changes, and some women have later and a more prolonged course. However, any changes to hormone levels, such as in pregnancy, nursing, etc. can change breasts, OCP may change growth, certain tumors may affect growth, weight gain will affect size, etc. The breast is composed of the breast gland that grows related to hormone levels of estrogen and prolactin as well as other hormones, but some women's breast tissue have more 'hormone receptors' than other women's and thus are more sensitive to hormone levels. That is why the hormone creams etc do not work on someone who naturally have smaller breasts because they are less sensative to hormones. In addition, the breast is also composed of fat tissue which grows and shrinks with weight gain and loss. So there is no simple answer here. It sounds like you are having a late puberty with regards to you breasts.  It is likely that they will grow and that you will be a 'late bloomer'. Only time will tell.  There is nothing you can do about it right now.  I would suggest waiting until you are a little older before making any decision about breast augmentation.
Best Wishes!
Pablo Prichard, MD

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Why haven't my breasts grew?

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Hi Kaitlyn,

Thanks for the question. I have three daughters myself, all adults now. One was an A cup, one a B, and one a D. We don't really know why people come in so many different shapes and sizes, even when they are in the same family. Some young women devolop later than others and some never get past an A cup. For now it is best to concentrate on enjoying your youth and your school years. If someone makes fun of you or doesn't like you because of your breast size, they aren't worth knowing. When you are out of school, if you haven't developed a size you like, you can visit with a plastic surgeon, but it is best to wait until you are 21 or so before taking that step.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Breast size

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Thank you for your question.

In my opinion, people are different than one another even if it´s your own Family. You are only 14 and your body hasn´t stop growing yet so give it a little time and patience. If the right age should come and your breast are not there yet, then that´s when we come in. Ask your Mom for her opinion always when considering plastic surgery.

Good luck.

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
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